Building supervisors Spakler & Verwoolde in Amsterdam

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What do we do? – We are building supervisors

Spakler & Verwoolde keeps a close watch on the planning, costs and quality aspects of your project, with a view to:

  • completing the building or renovation work within budget
  • preventing complications
  • keeping the risks to a minimum
  • saving time and taking worries and the effort involved in a building or renovation project out of your hands, enabling you to enjoy your new or renovated property as soon as possible

Why choose us?

We have a different approach than your average builder or architect. Read about our procedure and be convinced.

Spakler & Verwoolde

We both independently reached the same conclusion: renovating and building is our passion. Our networks can be put to varied use. Our services come in the form of building supervision, from inception to completion of the project, providing support for the client for the duration of this frequently complicated process.

We make your wish come true without you spending a lot of time and energy or an excessive amount of money on your project. Our market expertise, know-how and creative approach make us your professional partner for the realization of your building or renovation project: instead of a just average result, your project will be something special that meets your fullest expectations.