How do we operate?

Please contact us via this site or by telephone for an appointment for a free consultation. Perhaps you already know exactly what you want, perhaps you don’t: in our experience, details have often yet to be filled in with regard to plans and/or wishes. The aim of this preliminary consultation is, to survey your requirements and wishes. This is followed by a free, approximate calculation of the building costs.

If you then decide that you wish to employ us, you will receive a document confirming our employment in the capacity of building supervisor. Once you have signed this confirmation we will work out the renovation or building plans in detail, until you are completely satisfied.

Spakler & Verwoolde will make concept drawings to illustrate changes. A final plan will be drawn up after one or more consultations. Once you have approved the final plan, we will request quotations from several reliable builders and discuss them with you, and provide further explanation if necessary.

Spakler & Verwoolde will negotiate with specialists and qualified firms on your behalf. Depending on your requirements, choices will have to be made.

We are independent and no interest whatsoever in the choices you make. Spakler & Verwoolde will help you assess the quotations and make the right choices. You yourself will sign all contracts with contractors and other advisors, and handle all payments.

Fee Spakler & Verwoolde:

The first consultation is free.

Following this first consultation, we will make an itemized proposal for complete building supervision. Depending on the project involved, our fee will be calculated on an hourly basis, as a percentage of the building costs, or will be based on a combination of the two. A proposal based on payment of a lump sum for the whole project, from inception to completion, is also an option.


Payment of building costs

All contractors’ bills will be sent directly to you; the contractors will send us copies. We will check all bills against the current situation and advise you whether or not to pay them.

What will Spakler & Verwoolde do for you?

We will act as building supervisor, and:

  • act as contact before, during and after completion of the building or renovation activities
  • handle building surveys and condition reports
  • assess and visualize your building plans
  • draw up a list of requirements
  • select complementary advisors such as contractor, plumber, architect, etc
  • assess constructions
  • apply for offers and assess prices and contracts
  • coordinate applications for subsidies and permits and insurances required
  • planning and cost control (contract variations)
  • on-site supervision and management
  • periodical reports
  • coordination furnishing/completion
  • delivery and finalization
  • follow-up